Thanks to the support of Shanghai Huiyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd.


The manager of Shanghai Huiyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd., because the company's unloading area is quite hot, I called our company to inquire about the large-scale industrial ceiling fan. According to the factory parameters provided by the manager, our sales staff recommended 6.1 meters and 8 leaves to the manager. The ceiling fan, in a further conversation with the manager, the sales staff of our company sent the product configuration instructions of the large industrial ceiling fan, the safety insurance policy of the large industrial ceiling fan and the quotation, and after the manager read it, the company’s The large-scale industrial ceiling fan was particularly trustworthy, and immediately purchased two ceiling fans, and went to the end of the installation on the morning of the 9th of this week. I sincerely thank you for your high recognition of our large industrial ceiling fans. We will do even better! Thank you also for the support of all new and old customers, Aipu company will continue to serve everyone as always!